Playground Fly-Line

Playground Fly-Line: the new attraction for kids!

The child sits on a seating plate - similar to existing children’s zip-lines - which is mounted on a Fly-Line shuttle. Through curves and bends the children „float“ to the destination point. From there the shuttles with the seating plates are pulled back to the starting point by hand or the automatic returning system for shuttles.

The speed-controlled ride of about 8-10 km/h is independent of the weight of the passenger and thus guarantees the highest safety for all participants. In addition to that, the Fly-Line system allows the successive use of multiple shuttles simultaneously. This not only shortens the waiting time but also increases the fun factor.

The playground Fly-Line can be mounted in forested areas as well as on open grounds (on artificial structure). The only prerequisite is a terrain with a slope gradient of at least 10%.

The playground Fly-Line is a construction according to the applicable European standard for playgrounds and playground equipment (DIN / EN 1176).

The playground Fly-Line offers:

  • new attraction for playgrounds and children's play facilities
  • maximum safety because of the controlled and low speed of the ride
  • higher throughtput because of the possibility of using multiple shuttles simultaneously (tandem)
  • free choice of location (in wooden area or on artificial poles)
  • no staff needed during the opening hours

Fly-Line descent

Returning systems

Fly-Line Up