Fly-Line descent

The Fly-Line consists of a support tube system made of stainless steel, made to measure and adapted to the natural conditions. The system is attached to the trees using a cable-stayed suspension.

It is mounted on the trees with special lashing straps in combination with protective wood and a mounting plate. This guarantees the best possible protection for the trees and has no effect on their growth.

The speed-controlled trolley specially developed for the system was developed, patented and certified by TÜV according to the highest European standards.

It is designed in such a way that it guarantees a constant speed (0-12 km / h) regardless of the incline of the route or the weight of the passenger, whereby the speed cannot be influenced by the passenger.

The passenger floats in a comfortable sitting position, in a certified seat belt, hanging on the trolley, through the forest.

The Fly-Line system is certified according to the norm for Sports and Recreational Facilities (Acrobatic Routes - Part 2): Management Requirements (EN 15567-2).

Stainless steel rail system

Protecting stakes



Returning systems

Fly-Line Up

Playground Fly-Line