NEW 2020: Fly-Line Up

The Fly-Line Up is a fully automated transport system for Fly-Line passengers which is directly connected with the descent. In the valley the shuttles together with the passengers latch to the circulation rope which transports them to the start of the Fly-Line descent. The passenger flies along the Fly-Line to the valley.

The circulation rope is driven by an adjustable electric motor.

The system is built on highest security standards.

The Fly-Line Up enables a output of up to 180 people per hour.


  • Less staff costs

  • Free choice of location

  • Extra attraction while flying up

  • Repeated rides, because people don't have to walk back up


Difference in altitude                           max. 120 m

Gradient                                                max. 30 °

Driving power                                       max.  15  kW

Driving speed                                       max. 1.5 m/s

Transport capacity                              max. 180 Pers / h

Towing rope                                         ø8 mm

Norm                                                    machine building regulations RL 2006/42/EG

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