Nature experience
Glide close to the tree, then up in the air and then almost on the forest floor
No sound
only the faint hum of the brakes accompanies you on our flight
Only flying is more beautiful
In constant change, the "trajectory" winds in bends and loops
Regulated depending on the design stage


The smooth nature experience for the whole family!

Betake yourself on a spectacular journey through the woods! Swing your way through the trees soundlessly like a bird trough narrow and wide curves, with small and big jumps back down to the ground. A carriage restrained by centrifugal forces which glides on a carrier pipe made out of stainless steel permits a secures and controlled descent, an amusement for young and adult! We adapt the fly-line completely to your own individual needs.

General information

  • Exclusive use of stainless materials-Low maintenance required
  • Adjustable speed (producer)
  • Construction on trees, poles, buildings, or similar supporting structures possible
  • Transportation capacity up to 200 people per hour
  • Unlimited track length (ideal: 300 to 2000 meter)
  • Small number of staff required
  • Patented system: EP Nr. 143398 14 0008
  • Construction certified according to EN 15567


Fly-Line in Ortisei - Val Gardena

South Tyrol, Italy

The world's first installation with a length of 700 metres is ready to go at the adventure park "Emozion Col de Flam" in Gröden/Val Gardena. Special feature: the length of the Fly-Line can be varied, as can the course and height differences. The Fly-Line can be offered both as a standalone recreation facility or in combination with high rope courses, playgrounds, adventure parks or summer ski resorts. It could also be used as a technical transport facility, e.g. for harvesting on vineyard slopes. The facility can be installed both on very steep slopes as well as more even terrain.

Fly-Line Ciampedie / Vigo di Fassa

Trentino, Italy

Another Fly-Line facility began operating this summer on the 17th of July 2015 at the foot of the Rosengarten/Catinaccio. The name of the new Fly-Line is Catinaccio/Rosengarten. At a length of more than 1100 metres, the longest facility to date can be used by the whole family starting from 6 years.

Infos & News

Opening Enderndorf Adventure Forest

In spring 2016 there will be a new attraction in the adventure forest Enderndorf: The Fly-Line. Rejoice!

Iapa award winner

We are delighted: this year has fly-Line the IAPA (International Adventure Park Association) Award won! The award is presented for innovative solutions and good implementation.



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